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Kristen Reveals info about Breaking Dawn in La Semaine Mag

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Kristen Stewart
A dream wedding with Edward
All little girls dream about the perfect wedding. For Kristen Stewart, this dream sort of came true. The beautiful brunette is secretly (well, not so much) her co-star Robert Pattinson since the beginning of the Twilight adventure. Fans will see see their wish come to life soon.
For Kristen, walking down the aisle was a memorable experience. Even if she’ll never admit it, when she talks about the event that is ‘her’ wedding in Twilight and says how wonderful of a day it was, for her, sort of a rehearsal for the real thing.
So, for now, everyone, including the lovebirds, will have to be satisfied with this rehearsal. Breaking Dawn is at the same time an end and a beginning for one of the most cherished couples.

LS: Can you tell us what happens in Breaking Dawn?
KS: Of course. You will renew with the couple that you got to know since the beginning except that it’s not the story of how they will stay together. It’s done, they’re together, they’re tied together. The beginning of the movie is the happiest of the series. it’s light. They know one another so well now. They can express their love.

LS: What moments were more precious for you?
KS: The wedding scene, the honeymoon and the birth of their daughter are the moments I loved.

LS: Fans are excited about the wedding… What can you tell us?
KS: It’s really, really beautiful. I remember that on set, I went to see Bill Condon, our producer and told him ‘Wow, thank you for letting me act out such a beautiful wedding’. It was very personal for me. All the actors were there, Stephenie was there as well, sitting in the back. It was a great feeling! There was… oh, I’m saying things I’m not supposed to talk about. I have problems filtering myself. I’m transparent, like Rob. (laughs)

LS: Let’s talk about your wedding dress..
KS: The dress? It was so tight! Really tight. But I loved wearing it, it was beautiful. Most of the time, I had to wear a Volturi cape and that, I hated. You just want to feel beautiful on your wedding day and everytime they yelled ‘Cut!’, someone ran over to cover me with the cape. It was like ‘Where am I?”. It was surreal.

LS: What was your reaction when you saw the scene where you give birth to Renesmee?
KS: It was really cool. I think we did that scene in the most extreme way possible because it’s not a normal birth. We filmed that scene for two days. A ‘labor’ of two days (laughs) that was really hard. In the book, there’s a scene where Bella suffocates on the blood that she drank and where she’s going nuts. But, she’s able to fight with more energy than any human because she has a bit of Edward in her.

LS: Did you have to give yourself pep talks for some of the scenes? Did you use a lot of music?
KS: Yes, I used music. On set, while we were filming the ceremony, there was a song playing that was perfect. It was the Band of Horses song ‘For Annabelle’ and it was getting to me everytime I heard it. It’s one of the songs that filled me with emotions.
LS: What was the most secretive scene?
KS: The wedding scene. It was done secret service style. On set, the crew were complaining that they couldn’t use their cell phones. Us, the actors, couldn’t understand why but we knew that if the dress showed up on the internet, we were screwed. (laughs) They were always hiding the dress.

LS: Breaking Dawn was an emotional roller coaster ride for Bella. How did you live that shoot?
KS: Everything affected me. I still can’t separate myself from Bella. I don’t want people to think it’s only that character, I’m like that with all my characters. I went through a lot of emotions while making these movies. I was 17 when I started playing Bella. These last movies are filled with intense and immense moments and they’re not only based on fantasy but also on reality. I saw myself while acting those scenes.

LS: Being pregnant is an experience that changes your life. Did anything in the movie changed your life if only for a moment?
KS: I was recently asked how it felt to be in a movie that was based on such a fantasy and for me, as well as for the other actors, it was the most REAL experience because anything can happen in life. I never lived an experience like Bella’s but I could feel everything for her.

LS: After all these years, you finally experienced the vampire makeup. Was Rob right when he complained?
KS: (laughs)He had every right to complain! You’re under the impression of being jailed within your body all day, even though it helps to play the role. We were aware of all movements. The contacts were awful. We couldn’t see anything. It was really hard when Rob and I were doing scenes with both of us wearing them.

LS: Are you starting to feel emotional now that the end is near?
KS: I’m very happy with it all. I’m proud of the cast and crew, of myself and of the movies. I saw the first cut and I’m very happy with it. I love this movie.

LS: How did the last scenes go?
KS: It was very late at night and someone said ‘There! We’re done, yes, we’re done’. It was so weird. We didn’t have a party because everyone was tired after a week of night shoots. That the film was done was a very satisfying experience. I absorbed and appreciated it for something real. Seeing everyone at my wedding was really cool.

LS: What’s interesting in this movie compared to all the others?
KS: Everything! It gives you what you’ve been waiting for. Bella is a fighter. She fought for what she believed was her destiny. When you see her, you see her fight and you realize that she’ll die, you understand what she keeps saying throughout the series that she’s ready to die for her destiny and that now, she’s fully ready to do so. When you see that truth in her, it’s hard to take in but the reality is Twilight is based on that truth. People are going to love these movies.

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