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Peter Facinelli in Hong Kong to promote Breaking Dawn Part 1

Peter is in Hong Kong to promote Breaking Dawn Part 1 !! XD

so here's three articles about his promotion and interviews.  guys, for those who can read Chinese, read it. and for those who can't, please read the translation, however the translation by Bing is poor, so you may not understand what it is about (coz i can't, lol), but i think u can find other engines with better translation, so gd luck for that XD






English Traslation by Bing 
The vampire in the new century the male bidefeixinnali yesterday at a press conference in the international financial, to be released in Hong Kong of the vampire legend 4 dawn of the new century the first part of the publicity. Peter appeared yesterday with a light blue suit, successively in Cantonese "Hello" and "thank you" to the presence of the media to say hello.

More talking during filming of pain and pleasure, he said the most painful tale seat make up 17 hours is also had tried to make progress without meals, however, he said it again and many of the actors are still happy. Only just a few days of stay in Hong Kong Peter took his daughter to the top and enjoy a Symphony of the Star Ferry, and tasted a lot of food.

In addition, Star zhanshifalangao earlier wrote the film critic of the suction, explosive movies to bed as an attraction, rather superficial.



在《吸血新世紀》( Twilight Saga)系列中扮演醫生兼殭屍古倫家族之首卡萊的美國演員彼德費辛納里( Peter Facinelli),昨日在中環出席記者會宣傳新片《吸血新世紀 4破曉傳奇上》( Twilight Saga The Breaking Dawn Part I),首次來港的他透露同行的女兒也愛上中國菜,還到了山頂遊玩及到文武廟拜神。


提到《破曉傳奇》時,彼德表示最難忘是拍攝女主角姬絲頓史釗域( Kristen Stewart)分娩的場面,他說:「當時要投入複雜的心情。」他坦言很多時要每天開工 16、 7小時,收工後會很累。不過跟各演員合作愉快,十足一家人。

Source: HK Nextmedia
English Translation by Bing
In suction blood new century under (Twilight Saga) series in the played doctor and Jiang corpse Kou roun family of first Calais of United States actor bidefeixinnali (Peter Facinelli), yesterday in in the ring attended reporter will publicity new tablets suction blood new century 4 dawn legend Shang under (Twilight Saga The Breaking Dawn Part I), first to Hong Kong of he revealed peer of daughter also fell in love with China dishes, also to has peak play and the to Man Mo Temple worship God.

Unforgettable Kristen's delivery
When referring to the legend of the dawn, and Peter says shooting is the most unforgettable heroine Ji Sidun Stewart (Kristen Stewart) scenes of childbirth, he said: "at that time to go out and complex feelings. "He confessed to many starts, 16 hours a day, will stop work very tired. But from the other actors worked together happily full family.
guys, sorry, there's no translation for this :(
Source: Sing Tao Daily

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