Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) talks about Vampire Bella!

 Jackson Rathbone was recently interviewed at the Man On a Ledge premiere, listen to what he had to say about Bella becoming a vampire!

Kristen Stewart‘s boyfriend Robert Pattinson isn’t the only one singing her praises, her Breaking Dawn co-star Jackson Rathbone thinks she’s amazing, too! HollywoodLife.com spoke to Jackson, 27, at the LA premiere of Man On A Ledge and he says Kristen kicks major butt as a vampire in Breaking Dawn!

“You finally get to see Bella realize herself as a vampire,” he tells us. “And that is fun for everybody. You know she is such a powerful force. Kristen really brings this animosity to Bella that we haven’t seen during the course of these films. It is really exciting to see Kristen step up and really bear her teeth, so to speak.”


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