Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fan Ecounter by Fan @The Chateau Marmont! She saw Robsten!

 Hey guys this is a the full fan encounter a fan (@claudiaciuffo) had at the Chateau Marmont, when she happened to see K-Stew and R-Pattz, together! Remember a couple of days ago I posted tweets about Robsten sightings at a pre-oscar party, then from dinner? Well this is her fan encounter from that night! If you missed the tweets of their sighting go HERE. She is brazilian but the wonderful ladies over at DiarioTwilight, which is a spanish Twilight blog posted the fan account. I then had to translate it with a little help from Bing! Check it out below!! What a lucky fan!!
Picture was taken by the fan inside the restaurant, sadly she wasn't allowed to take any R/K pics!
 Friday, Feb. 24, would be like any other day if only my friend hadn't called me telling me they had a reservation for dinner at the Chateau. It was Oscars weekend, so I though it was going to be really full. I got ready anyways, and decided to go. Said and done, the traffic in front of the hotel was crazy it took us about 15 minutes just to leave the car in the parking lot. There was shooting going on for something Pre-Oscar related in the bungalow, and for even those who had reservations in the restraunt, like us, the access was dificult. However, we gave them our name and finally managed to get a table. After a wonderful dinner, we decided to see the movement, while taking "blood" (a nickname given to wine, in honor of my faviorite vampires of the Twilight Saga, and Vampire Diaries)

 It was a GREAT coincidence, I was enjoying my wine Merlot (blood), when my friend gives me a quick nudge under the table. He was paying attention, and I almost died when I saw Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson entering the restaurant, holding hands, accompanied by a friend. She had her head down, and was covered by a much higher man. As Edward, every protective of his Bella. I was speechless, while I had the immediate urge to shout out (sometimes Ihave to remind myself that I am a professional, a journalist, I work in the entertainment business and I am 39 years old, but I really wanted too!) That scene was so perfect, so romantic as I remember my favorite actors from the Twilight Saga. I stopped for a few seconds to enjoy my absolute hysteria, they sat four tables away from us! I who was sitting directly behind him, quickly shifted seats to sit at the forefront of the couple. So they sat down with a blonde friend who was already there before hand, she greeted the. She sat between Robert and Kristen for about half an hour, they spoke animatedly with the beautiful actress. While K took coke, R tasted a delicious Stella Artois Beer. The best part is that they were being cared for by the same waiter as I was! I told him I was a super fan of the actors. They young man was friendly and efficient, wasn't a fan of the films of vampires....It is a pitty for him, but nobody's perfect right?
All I wanted was to take a photo, but I couldn't and had to confine myself to only record by memory.

Later in time, Kristen's blonde friend stood up and the gave her a big hug. Now, Kristen sat next to Robert, the two chatted and exchanged glance throughout the night. They seemed very happy and excited. I did not see them kissing, it is not surprising as the actors have always been very careful with their personal lives. It is not uncommon in Hollywood, but it isn't necessary. The exhibition already very large because of the work they do, the least they can do is to keep their privacy as much as possible. The trio left the restaurant shortly before us (they had been there almost 2 hours) and moved as quietly as when they came. I went to the bathroom minutes after the actors had left their table. I almost fell when I saw her (Kristen), in the lobby. She is beautiful, wore plaid shirt, long jeans, and stunning black heels, she spoke with a friend while Robert was on the phone asking for their car. Once again, then, for a few seconds, I though I was watching a movie with beautiful scenes of Edward and Bella, but for my pleasure I realized art can imitate life. The couple is still more beautiful in the real world that what they appear like on the big screen.

I left Chateau radiantly happy, thanks to seeing them. I'm a big fan of the couple. I first saw them during the promo for Breaking Dawn at the Comin Con Panel in San Diego. It was Kristen and Robert, the actors, which made me enjoy Bella and Edward, and not vice versa. The Chateau is always full of celebrities and the most famous people can be found there. But what really suprises me is Rob and Kris' casualness, simplicity, and discretion. Young, rich, and famous with their names written on the walk of fame, and I could've done everything to freak out, but I didn't. After yesterday, more than ever, I can say Kristen and Robert are just normal people like us, dinnner at the Chateu, enjoy life, have talks with friends. Next time though, I hope to be part of this talk!

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