Tuesday, March 20, 2012

'Cosmopolis' Teaser To be Released in a few days?

According to the French Cosmopolis page, the teaser should be out in a few days.Photobucket

Le TEASER du film Cosmopolis vous sera dévoilé dans quelques jours..! Qu'attendez vous des premières images ?!
Translation: The Cosmopolis teaser will be revealed in a few days. What are you expecting to see in the first images?

via RPLife
The admin of Cosmopolis France Fan Page, left a comment on RPLife , and said the French distributor shared that the teaser is to be released on WAT.TV and AllocineFr. So who knows *shrugs*

Hopefully, this is true. I can't even confirm how legit this FB page is. Thanks to @SomeLostBliss for the links.


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