Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pictures of K-Stew arriving in Paris Feb.29 + info on Paris Fashion Week!!

Kristen has arrived in Paris!Follow the links below to see 
Paris Fashion Week Live HERE
 And the Balenciaga show live HERE
Balenciaga show is TOMORROW March 1st 10am. Paris Time. To find out what time that would be in your country go HERE to time zone converter. (Just type in date and time of event in this case March 1st 10am and then choose your country!)
 Paris Fashion Week Info via: @Robstenation Source:  kstewartnews

vid of K-Stew arriving @Paris Airport *NOTE* this is a paparazzi video, if you do not condone invasion of privacy please do not watch. Thanks.
Screenshot taken from ParisFashionWeekLive website!
Tweets just came in, K-Stews bodyguard (HBG) came out (from their hotel) and told fans Kristen would not be coming out to sign because she was sick! Aww poor Stews! Hope she feels better! Check out the tweets below! Thanks to DT for ifo!
ALL pics thanks to S over @Robstenation!

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