Thursday, December 13, 2012

ROBSTEN cuddling each other in a recent flight from NY to LA

ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were seen cuddling each other during a recent flight from New York to Los Angeles.
The pair were spotted by Life & Style on a departing NYC just after 7pm on Nov. 26 and headed to LA. The pair, sources say, didn’t just curl up and sleep on the plane — they had dinner and a movie.
The duo ordered cocktails, had a cheese plate, steak and pasta and then watched the movie Celeste & Jesse Forever.
“After the movie, Kristen rested her head on Rob’s shoulder, wrapped her arms around him and happily fell asleep,” a source said.
“They looked very relaxed with each other and stronger than ever.”
However, the pair won’t be spending Christmas together.
They are planning to spend the festive season apart after she spent a “nerve-wracking” Thanksgiving with his family in London last month.
“The family were smiling at Kristen and looking totally at ease on the red carpet during the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere — but back at the family home over the following weekend things were more difficult.
“They had a meal on Thanksgiving and it was nerve-wracking for Kristen. She felt very uncomfortable and Rob’s sisters couldn’t be completely welcoming. It won’t go back to normal straight away, even if Rob has decided to try again.
“Rob’s mum wanted him to spend Christmas with them in London and, before their trip to the UK, that had been his and Kristen’s plan. From London, they were going to fly to Mexico for New Year.
“Rob’s family made it clear that they really want to see him over Christmas and, after the intense promotional tour for Twilight, Rob liked the idea of spending time alone with his family.”

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