Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kristen said how she broke her thumb in BD

Kristen explaining how she broke her thumb in Breaking Dawn Set!

“It happened in a stunt sequence. It was really annoying timing. It was right at the beginning of the two week second unit stunt work, and on the second day in this little girl fight, I broke my thumb on this guy’s chest, and it took so long to mend. The first x-ray showed it wasn’t broken but then I had to get an MRI because it was huuuge and so painful. If wardrobe came up and slightly grazed my thumb I would be screaming. Everyone’s going, ‘It’s just a jam, you’ve got to work through it.’ and I’m working through it in Vancouver in the cold. So I get another MRI, and this time it showed it was broken and I was so vindicated. I’m not a wimp!”

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