Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Melissa talks about BD and the Sex Scenes of Rob and Kristen

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 doesn’t hit theaters until November 18, but who says it’s too soon to think ahead to the second film? Celebuzz sat down with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to discuss her four-year journey with the Twilight franchise, and got some great details about what we can expect in film five.

You think Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s almost R-Rated sex scene in the first is gonna be hot, we’re told you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Here is what Melissa had to say about part one, vampire sex, and Rob and Kristen’s journey:

Congrats! Breaking Dawn is our favorite film yet. Everyone is talking about the wedding, the honeymoon, and the birthing scene. Which of the big three did you feel the most pressure to bring to the big screen?
Certainly the wedding. A little bit the honeymoon. Really, the three main things are the wedding, the sex, and the birthing. Those are the big three. You deliver those or you go run screaming.

Are you nervous about the fans reaction to one in particular?
Honestly, I feel like those really delivered. Those are pretty satisfying scenes. I was satisfied by them! You’ll be shocked at all the things they can be disappointed by, and they will be: [laughing] Edward didn’t wear a tan shirt and in the book, he clearly had a tan shirt. I appreciate their passion though. It’s so much fun!

About that sex scene…everyone is blaming Kristen for the almost R rating!
I thought it was Bill [Condon]’s fault! I told [Rob and Kristen] to go for it- and they did! I thought ‘this is fantastic!’ When I saw early cuts I was like don’t you change a thing. They were like well…we have to a little bit.

I mean, can you blame the girl for getting into it?
Seriously! No way.

How have Rob and Kristen evolved from Twilight to Breaking Dawn?
Well the characters have gotten older. It’s a very different story of a high school girl showing up at a high school for the first time as the new girl, and a woman deciding to choose to have a child that might kill her. They are very different themes.

Do you think the fact Rob and Kristen have grown up helped them portray this?
I think this is the best I’ve ever seen them. They show such craft and skill in this, and are so comfortable with each other.

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