Thursday, January 5, 2012

New/Old Pix of Rob and Kristen from the BD Press Conference from Cinemag now in HQ and Interview Transcript

(PD): How does it feel to be in a franchise that is quite large with so manyfans who are crazy about this story?
(KS): People who like Twilight is one who can see beauty in a scary situation like this. The reason why became a saga Twilight isbecause we think young people seriously. We think of themselves andtheir decisions is important that they appreciate this.

(PD): Role Models such as whether the figure of a Bella?
(KS): What can my relationship with my personality is that he follow his feelings before he knew what was causing it to feel the emotion. He was a very oriented on courage. This is what I love about myself a Bella.

(PD): What was it like doing intimate scenes with your lover?
(KS): We find it strange, then comfort, then weird again. When we do sex scenes, I do not feel nervous because it's very easy to make it fun and no scene is captured in one take.

(PD): How would you describe the price you pay for a popularity?
(RP): A little frustrating when you can not do anything with ease. You can not do anything without first planned, and also there is little fear when you're alone. I now rarely do everything alone and it is my desire. But, maybe this will not last forever. In addition, I also think if I throw away everything, I'll regret it some day. Therefore, I try to live it.
(PD): What do you think of when seeing the word "twilight"?

(RP): A lot of things I could associate with that word, but I think in the next ten years, I can understand the meaning of the word "twilight" real. For now, says this is my job. Every day, 24 hours a day.

(PD): Tell me how your relationship with Kristen Stewart, who becomes your girlfriend in the past two years, and Taylor Lautner.

(RP): Experiences like this really change an individual in many ways.However, it is really fun when you have two friends who do the 'journey' is the same. We all encourage each other to each other and remind each other if one of us has changed. We are bound by feelings of mutual respect after being involved in five films together.

pix (HQ) via  Kstewartfans  and Pattinsonlife
Sources DoDazzle via veryluckylady88
Transcript via  Gossip-Dance via   Believe_Them via  Robstenation

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