Sunday, January 22, 2012

Was Robsten Spotted at the Paris Airport? Possible Sighting!


Robert and Kristen were "maybe" spotted at the Paris airport, this according to one lucky fan that even got Kristen's autograph on a box of cookies! How lucky! Rob walked off but she was able to chat with Kristen for a while and even get her autograph, sadly when the fan asked for a picture Kristen said no. Aww. Read the fans tweets below!

Translated in english by @lovestew
" My god ! She is so tiny !! So cuuuute #Kristen " "@LoveIsGreat_: My goooooood !!!!!!! :O elle est toute petite !!! Trop chou #Kristen !!"
I can't believe they were in Paris !!!!! Awww :,)) wanna talk to them ! " Nice baseballcap Rob, but it's'easy to reconize u ! ""@LoveIsGreat_: pas mal la casquette Robert , mais c'est facile de te renconnaitre !"
What do i do ?? Do i talk to them or not ?? "@LoveIsGreat_: Je fais quuuuuoi ??? Je vais leur parler ou pas ??????? aaaaaaaaaaaah ! Help !
" ' She is so cuuuuute #Kristen "@LoveIsGreat_: Elle est trop chouuuuuu !!!!!! #Kristen"
" Maybe they'll be in the same plane !! " "@LoveIsGreat_: Henn peut etre qu'ils seront dans le même avion que moi :O"
" Awww she put her head on his shoulder so cuuuute " "@LoveIsGreat_: Awwww elle a mis sa tete sur son epauuuuuule trop chouuuuu !!!"
"@LoveIsGreat_: Los Angeles + Kristen + Robert = DEAD :,))))" " Ok ok i'll talk to them ! *breaaaath* 1,2.3 "@LoveIsGreat_: Ok ok aller je vais lui parler !! *respiiiiire* aller 1,2,3"
Shit, Rob's leaving , gonna talk to k "@LoveIsGreat_: Merde, Robert vient de se lever :/ bon tant pis je vais parler a Kristen qd même :,))"
Omg i have an autograph of Kristen she is so cute ! "@LoveIsGreat_: J'ai un autographe de Kristen !!!!! Elle est trop chouuuuu :,))))))"
She signed my cookie box bc i didn't had any paper "@LoveIsGreat_: Elle a du signer ma boite de gateau lool psk j'avais pas de papier :,)))"
And she loves paris according to what she told me :,)) "@LoveIsGreat_: Et elle adore paris en plus elle m'a dit :,)"
Wow she has 2 phones Oo ! A bb and an iphone ! :O"@LoveIsGreat_: Wow elle a 2 telephones Oo ! Un blackberry et un iphone :O"
Noooo she's leaving !!! Staaaaay !!! "@LoveIsGreat_: Noooo elle s'en va !!! Ressssteeeeeee !!!!!!!! :,(((("
Awww she waved at me while leaving she is so cuuute !"@LoveIsGreat_: Aww elle m'a fait coucou en partant !!!!! Elle est trop chouuuu :,)))"
" I hope they come back !! " :D"@LoveIsGreat_: J'espere qu'ils vont revenir :D"
" Are that we'll be in the same plane ! " "@LoveIsGreat_: Ou qu'ils seront dans le même avion !"

I asked for a pic but she said no ! She was really cuuuute though !! And after i talked to her she checked her 2 phones and walked away ( i don't know where ). Thanks to victoria1985 and patsystew.


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